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Classical training is essential for aspiring singers who are eager                                                to reach their highest vocal potential, regardless of vocal style.


                            Fact: Opera singers have the ultimate vocal technique!


Through studying, understanding and applying my personal                                        method of proper vocal placement, for ALL styles of singing,                                                     you will learn the following:

  • Diaphragm connection and breathing

  • Precise, clear, and rounded note placement

  • Vibrato control / enhancement

  • The "pop over"

  • Vowel singing

  • Vocal spin and send​

  • Vocal power, stamina, and execution

  • Audience connection and interest


Applying this method supports singers in developing                                                        strong, rich, and beautifully polished voices, allowing their                                                          unique vocal tone and vibrato to truly shine through!


Why Classical Training?

                          Did you know that these famous singers                           are classically trained?

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  • FLETCHER (former student)

  • @vivithesinger (current student - Rising Star!)

  • @Kevian Kraemer (current student - Rising Star!)

  • Whitney Houston

  • Linda Ronstadt 

  • Ariana Grande

  • Freddie Mercury

  • Katy Perry

  • Charlie Puth

  • Ed Sheeran

  • Kelly Clarkson

  • Elton John

  • Jason Derulo

  • Alicia Keys

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Leontyne Price

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and my honest answers for you...

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"Can a voice teacher (you) make my voice sound good enough to be a famous singer?”


Not exactly…Having a singing voice that has a natural, aesthetically pleasing sound, is something one is born with. While most people can learn how to sing, a voice teacher cannot make your tone (the distinct color of your voice) or vibrato (a rapid, slight variation in pitch when singing) sound a certain way. You are born with your own unique tone and vibrato. A voice teacher can train and coach you to strengthen, control, and project your voice, but they cannot create a particular auditory sound.


“How long does it take before I hear results?”


You will most likely hear results at your very first lesson with me! I will introduce how to sing with open vowels and how to start connecting your diaphragm to power your sound. Although you’ll

feel and hear a positive “shift” in your voice, classical training and coaching techniques require true dedication and commitment. It is not a quick or easy process, but it DOES bring out your highest vocal potential. Depending on the natural vocal abilities you possess will determine how long it can take before you are at an advanced level. It can take anywhere from 6-months to a year to be at a confident and comfortable place with your voice, but it takes years of practice and determination to truly excel!

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“Do you take on anyone who wants to learn how to sing?”


If you are truly serious about learning to sing AND I hear something in the tone of your voice that I know I can work with, I will take you on as a student. I do not take on anyone who I feel is not ready for the demand and “push” of the way I personally approach classical training. I only want what’s best for YOU and your VOICE. My students know that my focus is 100% on making them the best singers they can be. There are other directions you can take to find the right fit for you and I am happy to help and guide you to the right place.

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Training the next generation of stars

...and you could be next!

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