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Lauren Greco

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   About the Instructor:

Studio Location:

Wall Township, NJ

(732) 319-7681



Lauren Greco graduated from Montclair State University in 1994 with a Bachelor of Music degree, specializing in classical vocal performance. While obtaining her degree, she had the privilege of studying under Louise Wolafka, formally of the Metropolitan Opera and the late Edward Pierson, of New York City Opera. She studied Italian, French, German, and English diction under the late Dr. David Reeves, pianist for the Metropolitan Opera auditions. He was also Lauren's private accompanist for her solo performances and rehearsal pianist for all her operatic roles.


Lauren has been classically training and coaching singers, of all vocal styles and genres, for over 20 years. She is known for developing rich, stylistic, and well-trained singing voices. She credits her unique coaching style and success with her first classical vocal coach, Deborah O'Brien, who gave her a strong and solid technical foundation.


Lauren also works extensively with professional singers, dancers, actors, and models, prepping them for vocal auditions for movies, shows, and record label signings. Her students have had lead roles singing on Sesame Street, touring with Broadway, and signed to major record labels. Lauren's students also proudly execute polished performances at many private and public events.

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